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American Evaluation Association
The American Evaluation Association is a professional association of evaluators devoted to the application and exploration of evaluation as a profession. We prioritize the advancement of evaluation best practices in multiple types of evaluation, including program evaluation, personnel evaluation, evaluation in education, evaluation in government, independent consulting, and more. AEA has over 5,000 members representing all 50 states in the United States as well as more than 80 foreign countries.
Alaska Evaluation Network
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AKEN was founded in 2011 as a professional network for individuals interested in or engaged in the evaluation programs in Alaska.  AKEN provides:

  1. Bimonthly programs on evaluation topics, also made available via telephone or webinar for members outside of Anchorage;

  2. Opportunities to connect with other evaluators in Alaska;

  3. Local Jobs/RFP announcements to members;

  4. Links to evaluation resources

Alaska Federation of Natives
Guidelines for Research
  • Advise Native people who are to be affected by the study of the purpose, goals and timeframe of the research, the data gathering techniques, the positive and negative implications and impacts of the research

  • Obtain informed consent of the appropriate governing body.

  • Fund the support of a Native Research Committee appointed by the local community to assess and monitor the research project and ensure compliance with the expressed wishes of Native people.

  • Protect the sacred knowledge and cultural/intellectual property of Native people.

  • Hire and train Native people to assist in the study.

  • Use Native languages whenever English is the second language.

  • Guarantee confidentiality of surveys and sensitive material.

  • Include Native viewpoints in the final study.

  • Acknowledge the contributions of Native resource people.

  • Inform the Native Research Committee in a summary and in nontechnical language of the major findings of the study.

  • Provide copies of the study to the local people.

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